Paintings & Photography – reference collection

Image above: El Greco View of Toledo (1597- 99)

nourlangie-rock-art-kakadu-national-park-2Nourlangie Rock Art, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

kuo-hsi-early-spring-1072Kuo Hsi Early Spring (1072 Song Dynasty)

sheng-mou-singing-while-boating-on-the-autumn-river-sheng-mou-1279-1368yuan-dSheng Mou Singing While Boating on the Autumn River (1279-1368 Yuan Dynasty during the Mongol reign of terror)


Hieronymus Bosch The Hearing Forest and the Seeing Field (1470s)

durer-albrecht-view-of-the-arco-valley-1495Albrecht Durer View of Arco Valley (1495)

Leonardo da Vinci Deluge (1517-18)

Albrecht Altdorfer, Landscape (1532)

cypress-rock-wen-cheng-ming-1550-middle-mingWen Cheng-ming, Cypress & Rock (1550 middle Ming)

brueghel-pieter-winter-the-dark-day-1565Pieter Brueghel Winter the Dark Day (1565)

el-greco-view-of-toledo-1597El Greco View of Toledo (1597- 99)

reubens-peter-paul-philemon-and-baucis-1620-25Peter Paul Reubens Philemon and Baucis (1620-25)

poussin-landscape-with-a-man-frightened-by-a-snake-1633-1635Poussin Landscape with a man frightened by a snake (1633–35)


Rembrandt van Rijn The Mill 1645-48 NGA Washington 3Rembrandt van Rijn The Mill (1645-48)

van-ruisdael-jacob-waterfall-hilly-wooded-landscape-1655Jacob van Ruisdael, Waterfall & Hilly Wooded Landscape (1655)

shitao-10-000-ugly-inkblots-1685_jpgShitao 10,000 Ugly Inkblots (1685)

cozens-alexander-landscape-1785-86 Alexander Cozens Landscape (1785-86)

John Cozens A Cavern in the Campagna 1786

Friedrich (Caspar David) Monk on the Seashore (1808-10) Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin
Caspar David Friedich, Monk on the Seashore (1808-10)

The Fall of an Avalanche in the Grisons exhibited 1810 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851
Turner The Fall of an Avalanche in the Grisons (1810)

Goya (Francisco) Making Shot in the Sierra de Tardienta, 1810-14
Francisco Goya, Making Shot in the Sierra de Tardienta (1810-14)

constable-john-sketch-for-the-leaping-horse-1824John Constable Sketch for the Leaping Horse (1824)

corot-jean-baptiste-camille-la-promenade-du-poussin-1825-28Corot La Promenade du Poussin (1825-28)

Nocturne: Blue and Silver - Chelsea 1871 by James Abbott McNeill Whistler 1834-1903
James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Nocturne: Blue and Silver – Chelsea, (1871)

Cezanne Le Pont de Maincy (1879–80)

H.J Johnstone, Evening shadows, backwater of the Murray, South Australia (1880)

Gauguin Tahitian Landscape (1891)

Van Gogh Wheat Field with Cypresses (1889)

Vasily Kandinsky Sketch for Composition II (1910)

Franz Marc Horse in a-Landscape (1910)

Paul Klee Motif from Hammamet 1914

Matisse Sunlight in the Forest (1914)

Marc Chagall The Blue House (1917)

Kirchner (Ernst Ludwig) Davos in Winter 1917-18
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Winter in Davos (1917-18)

Kokoschka (Oskar) Aigues Mortes 1925
Oskar Kokoschka, Aigues Mortes (1925)

Max Ernst The Forest (1927-28)

Hans Heysen Patawarta: Land of the Oratunga (1929)

Emil Nolde The Sea B (1930)

dali-salvdor-swans-reflecting-elephants-1937Salvador Dali Swans Reflecting Elephants (1937)

George Rouault Solitude (1937)

Chaim Soutine Large Poplars at Givry (1939)

Pablo Picasso Night Fishing at Antibes (1939)

Waterfall 1943 by Arshile Gorky c.1904-1948
Arshile Gorky Waterfall (1943)

Tregor and Tregoff, Cornwall 1947 by David Bomberg 1890-1957
David Bomberg, Tregor and Tregoff, Cornwall, 1947, Tate Gallery

Rees (Lloyd) The Road to Berry 1947 AGNSW
Lloyd Rees, The Road to Berry, 1947

Drysdale (Russell) Road with Rocks (1949) AGNSW
Russell Drysdale, Road with Rocks (1949)

Jackson Pollock Echo: Number 25 (1951)

The Busy Life 1953 by Jean Dubuffet 1901-1985Jean Dubuffet, The Busy Life (1953)

Asger Jorn The Delinquent (1956)

Morandi (Giorgio) Still Life 1957 AGNSW (2)
Giorgio Morandi Still life (1957)

Pierre Soulages Painting (1957)

Pierre Alechinsky Vanish (1959)

Frank Auerbach Shell Building Site (1959)

Hofmann (Hans) Pre dawn 1960
Hans Hofmann Pre-dawn  (1960)

Willem de Kooning. Door to the River, 1960.
Willem de Kooning Door to the River (1960)

No. 64, 1960
Mark Rothko No.64 (1960)

Franz Kline Meryon (1960-61)

Leon Kossoff City Building Site (1961)

Untitled Chinese Ink Drawing 1961 by Henri Michaux 1899-1984Henri Michaux, Untitled Chinese ink drawing (1961)

Tuckson (Tony) Black on white 1962 AGNSW
Tony Tuckson, Black on white (1962)

Richard Diebenkorn Cityscape #1 (1963)

Francis (Sam) For Miro 1 1963 MoMA
Sam Francis, For Miro 1, 1963

Zao Wou-Ki untitled 1963 de_Sarthe_Gallery[1]
Zao Wou-Ki, untitled (1963)

nolan-sidney-riverbend-1964-panel-7-of-9Sidney Nolan  Riverbend (1964) panel 7 of 9

Liu Guo Song (1964)

Fairweather (Ian) House By the Sea 1965 NGA
Ian Fairweather, House By the Sea (1965)

malangi-david-waterhole-life-1965-national-museum-of-australiaDavid Malangi, Waterhole Life (about 1965)

Miro (Joan) La leconde ski 1966
Joan Miró, La Leçon de Ski (1966)

David Moore Sydney Harbour gelatin silver photograph from 16,000 feet (1966)

Robert Rauschenberg Fuse (Stoned Moon) (1969

Brett Whiteley The Balcony 2 (1975)

boyd-arthur-shoalhaven-river-1976Arthur Boyd Shoalhaven River (1976)

Basquiat (Jean-Michel) Bird on Money 1981

Jean-Michel Basquiat Bird on Money, 1981

Robert Motherwell Elegy black black (1983)

Moffatt,(Tracey) Something More 1989
Tracey Moffatt, Something more, 1989

Thomson (Ann) Waterfront 1980
Ann Thomson, Waterfront (1990)

20170317_144409 Elizabeth Cummings, Bird over Stradbroke, 1995
Elizabeth Cummings, Bird Over Stradbroke (1995)

Emily Kame Kngwarrye My country (1996)

John Virtue Landscape No 647 (2002)

Tran (Sokquon ) Wombeyan Caves 2013
Sokquon Tran, Wombeyan Caves (2013)

Martinez (Eddie) you can't keep snakes in your garden and only expect them to bite your neighbors 2014 (2)
Eddie Martinez, You can’t keep snakes in your garden and only expect them to bite your neighbours (2014)

Stevens (Keith and Tjampawa) Piltati 2014 AGNSW
Keith and Tjampawa Stevens, Piltati, (2014)