Royal National Park, Sydney – landscape painting

June 2017 The Royal National Park (established 1879), the second oldest national park in the world (after Yellowstone) is a superb location for painting in the field. In this case, a short two day escape and short blog for the field trips record. On the second day the clouds rolled in, so set up on a veranda. Splashed around all morning then, just before pack-up, a catastrophic gust of wind up-ended everything: easel, palette, ink, water, gouache, acrylics all swirling in the middle of a blue tarp. Back to the drawing board.

Fairweather: ‘Painting to me is something of a tightrope act; it is between representation and the other thing—whatever that is. It is difficult to keep one’s balance’.1

Royal National Park
Audley Weir

Sense of Place


Near Audley Weir 16/6/2017


The white tree 16/6/2017


The bridge 16/6/2017


Rock reflections I 16/6/2017


Rock reflections II 16/6/2017


View over Port Hacking 16/6/2017


View from a deck 16/6/17


The boat shed 17/6/2017

P1020871 (2)

Kookaburra on guard at 2 o’clock in the afternoon 17/6/2017

Sketches in ink, gouache, and acrylics

20170617 RNP view over Port Hacking P1020866

View over Port Hacking 17/6/2017

20170617 RNP view over Port Hacking P1020869 (2)

View over Port Hacking 17/6/2017

20170617 RNP The Boatshed P1020872 (2)

The boat shed 17/6/2017

20170617 RNP The Boatshed P1020873 (2)

The boat shed 17/6/2017

20170618 RNP The Boatshed P1020880 (2)

The boat shed 18/6/2017

Art References

Cezanne Le Pont de Maincy (2)
Cezanne Le Pont de Maincy, 1879–80

Fairweather (Ian) Bridge Huchow 1941 NGV
Ian Fairweather, Bridge Huchow, 1941

Fairweather (Ian) Valley and Hills Kulu, 1949 NGA
Ian Fairweather, Valley and Hills Kulu, 1949

Fairweather (Ian) The Pool 1959 AGNSW
Ian Fairweather The Pool, 1959

Boyd (Arthur) Reflecting Rocks 1975 AGNSW
Arthur Boyd, Reflecting Rocks 1975

Boyd (Arthur) Shoalhaven River 1976
Arthur Boyd Shoalhaven River, 1976

Boyd (Arthur) River bank and four rocks 1993
Arthur Boyd, River bank and four rocks, 1993

Other references
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